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Horizontal CNC V Groove Machine

Horizontal CNC V Groove Machine is used to make a V shaped groove on metal plates, including stainless steel thin plates, aluminum plates, composite aluminum plates, copper plates and more. Horizontal CNC V Groove Machine is suitable for big plate and cut symmetrical plates
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Product Item:Horizontal CNC V Groove Machine

Main Features:

1. Streamline Design originated from EU, beam and frame through overall welding and annealing treatment to eliminate stress, good rigidity, high accuracy, long term use without deformation.

2. Horizontal cnc v groove machine With 4 control axes, hydraulic hold-down device, the gantry and tool holder make round-trip move together when working.

3. Use ball screw & roller heavy-duty guide rail, D1N6-grade precision helical gear, planetary reducer: balance, accurate

4. CNC open controller, supporting full-automatic operation, 4-blades can run simultaneously significantly improves the grooving efficiency.

5. Adopt Taiwan industrial-control controller and Japan Panasonic closed-loop servo system: easy, flexible, fast, efficient and low noise.

6. Equipped with automatic lubrication system: low wear, fine processing, ensuring machining accuracy and high dynamic response characteristics.

Standard Accessories:

●Taiwan HUST(HUST-CNC-H6DB-H)controller: precise, accurate, easy.

● Full-automatic worktable: flat, rigid, durable

● Hydraulic clamping device: firm, fast

● Tool-holder, guide rail are made by QT900 material with good durability.

● High-speed sliding tool-holder, ball screw and linear guider rail: high repositioning accuracy.

● Two kinds of blades, 4 group blades significantly improves the grooving efficiency.

● Standard cooling device, prevent blades overheating

● Sleeve hydraulic pipe and fittings

● Taiwan HIWIN heavy-duty roller guide rail

● Japan YUKEN solenoid valve

● Taiwan YYC gear and rack

● Germany R+W couplings

● Japan HERG lubricating system: support auto-setting time, reduce friction

● Equipped with cooling spray system: cooling blades, reduce friction, improve service life

Safety Standard:

● Safety standard(2006/42/EC)

● Electric cabinet with opening door cuts off power function

● China-made electric cabinet (safety grade 4)

● Safety relay monitor working switch, safety protection

Taiwan HUST Controller (HUST-CNC-H6DB-H):

● Control 6-axes

● 6-axes linkage

● Min. setting unit 0.01mm 

●10.4 inch color screen

● PLC breaking function, fixed scanning time is 10ms

● Each axis with feedback function for showing axis position and avoiding collision

● With speed-up & speed-down control, SSR-type signal panel for external input

Metal V Cutting Machine Main Technical Parameters:

Model Max. groove thickness(mm)

Min. groove thickness


Groove speed


Knife L-R resolution


Knife U-D resolution


Position accrracy


Penumatic pressure





1220×2500 6 0.5 65 ±0.001 ±0.001 ±0.01 6-8 4650x2300x1680
1220×3200 6 0.5 65 ±0.001 ±0.001 ±0.01 6-8 5500x2300x1680
1220×4000 6 0.5 65 ±0.001 ±0.001 ±0.01 6-8 6000x2300x1680
1220×5000 6 0.5 65 ±0.001 ±0.001 ±0.01 6-8 7500x2300x1680
1220×6000 6 0.5 65 ±0.001 ±0.001 ±0.01 6-8 8500x2300x1680
1500×4000 6 0.5 45 ±0.001 ±0.001 ±0.01 6-8 6000x2550x1700
1500×6000 6 0.5 45 ±0.001 ±0.001 ±0.01 6-8


Standard/Optional Accessory List:

No Accessory Model / Manufacturer Configuation
1 CNC Controller
HUST H6DLC-4 - Taiwan
2 Dynamic Cable and Towline
IGUS - Germany
3 Planetary Reducer
Newcastle - Germany
4 High-precise Ball Screw
THK - Japan
5 High-precise Linear Guide Rail
HIWIN - Taiwan
6 Transmission Bearing
NSK - Japan
7 Servo Motor
Panasonic - Japan
8 Electric Components
Schneider - France
9 Lubricating System
10 Gear and rack
11 Coupling
R+W – Germany
12 Safety Standards
■CE        □CSA      ■NR-12        □OSHA
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Leave a message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.