Fiber Laser Cutter
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
    Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
    Fiber laser cutting machine is usually used for cutting all kinds of metal. With the properties of high speed, high precision, high stability and low cutting cost, the fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in high accuracy requirement.
  • Press Brake Machine
    Press Brake Machine
    The metal sheet bending machine is used for bending a variety of metal plates, including stainless steel plates, carbon steel plates, copper plates, aluminum plates, aluminum alloy plates and more. These plates are then widely used in kitchen ware, bathroom accessories, advertising boards, light fixtures, hardware, electric equipment, and other metal manufacturing applications.
  • Co2 Laser Cutting Machine
    Co2 Laser Cutting Machine
    CO2 laser cutter and engraver is used for cutting nonmetal such as wood,acrylic,leather,etc.The machine equipped with laser power from 60W to 150w.
  • Metal Shearing Machine
    Metal Shearing Machine
    The hydraulic cutting machine belongs to the metal forming machinery family and uses blades to cut a variety of metal sheets, including carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, cold-rolled sheets, hot-rolled plates, aluminum sheets and more. With a high cutting speed, high cutting quality, and low machining distortion, it is widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, car building, electric power, chemical engineering, light industry, metallurgy, architecture, and more.
  • Plasma Cutter
    Plasma Cutter
    CNC plasma cutting machine uses high temperature plasma torch to cut all kinds of metal materials, including stainless steel, low carbon steel, brass, copper, aluminum alloy, low thickness sheet, spring steels, gold, silver etc. This kind of machine can cut efficiently and fast and bring smooth cut section, low thermal deformation and almost no heat-affected-zone, which is widely used in metal plate, kitchen ware, parts of machine and decorations.
  • V Groover Machine
    V Groover Machine
    The CNC V groove machine is used to make a V shaped groove on metal plates, including stainless steel thin plates, aluminum plates, composite aluminum plates, copper plates and more. The groove is designed to lower the bend force during the bending process, and we will bend the metal plates into a variety of shapes to be used in decorations for hotels, restaurants, bars, commercial buildings, banks, airports, and other applications.
  • Stamping Press
    Stamping Press
    We offer hydraulic metal press and mechanical power metal press. The hydraulic press is used to press a variety of metal materials. When combined with molds, the mechanical power press presses materials into specific forms with a high precision.
  • Rolling Machine
    Rolling Machine
    Profile bending machine & Metal rolling rolls metal plates and sheets into specific structures, such as a round or arc shape, and is widely used in ship industries, oil industries, chemical engineering, equipment machinery, boilers, and more.
  • Ironworker Machine
    Ironworker Machine
    The metal ironworker machine integrates metal shearing, punching, cutting, bending and other functions, as well as features user friendly control, a low energy consumption, and a low maintenance cost.
  • Servo elcectric pressbrake bender ball screw pressbrake bender
    Servo elcectric pressbrake bender ball screw pressbrake bender
    Servo elcectric pressbrake bender ball screw pressbrake bender Supply Servo elcetric pressbrake from 350KN to 1000KN 1200mm 1600mm 2000mm 2500mm 3200mm
  • Servo electric panel bender 11 axies and 13 axies
    Servo electric panel bender 11 axies and 13 axies
    Servo electric panel bender 11 axies and 13 axies  Servo panel bender with sucker   servo panel bender with Jaw 
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