Shear Machine 2019-11-05

1. The hydraulic gate shearing machine has higher cutting precision than the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine:

(1). Taking the 16*3200 hydraulic pendulum shearing machine and the hydraulic gate shearing machine as an example, the pendulum and gate type design gap values are less than 6 wires, but the pendulum arm and the swing frame of the pendulum machine The clearance of the bearing connection between the bodies cannot be eliminated, and the error of the accumulated shear precision of the clearance and the edge gap is generally above 10 wires, while the rear rail of the cutter shearing machine body is supported by 4 large bearings, and the front rail is 2 Only the bearing with the compression spring behind it is pressed, so that there is no play between the front and rear guide rails, and the accuracy error of the clearance and the edge gap is kept below 4 wires, so the shearing material is smoother and has no burr.

(2). The tool holder body of the pendulum shearing machine itself is curved, which is to ensure the straightness of the shearing material by the point contact of the arc, and the tool holder of the gate shearing machine is made with respect to the lower cutting edge. Vertical linear motion to ensure that the shear sheet has less distortion and more straightness.

(3). The pendulum shearing machine is not in the same straight line and far away from the blade because the force point and the blade edge are not in the same straight line. After long-term work, the tool holder is prone to fatigue and deformation, which makes the knife phenomenon more serious, resulting in partial cutting of the shearing material. However, the gate shearing machine is not easily deformed because the cylinder, the tool holder and the cutting edge are in the same straight line and are perpendicular to the lower cutting edge.

2. Adjustable shear angle

(1). The shearing angle of the pendulum shearing machine is a fixed angle, and the shearing speed cannot be adjusted;

(2). The gate shearing machine realizes the angle adjustment by adjusting the amount of oil in the closed chambers of the two engineering cylinders. The shear angle is large, the shearing capacity is increased, the shearing angle is reduced, the shearing speed is increased, and the electric energy is saved. During working hours, the bending of the sheet is effectively reduced.

3. QC11Y hydraulic gate shears rectangular blade advantage

(1). Because the pendulum shearing machine tool holder has a curved movement when working at the blade point, only the diamond blade with two sides of the knife edge can be used; and the gate type shearing machine tool holder directly moves straight to the lower edge, directly The use of a rectangular blade with a four-sided edge increases the life of the blade by a factor of two.

(2). The diamond-shaped blade shearing plate is easy to cause the plate to be twisted, the narrower and more serious the cut material, and the rectangular blade can avoid this defect.

4. Cylinder life: The built-in cylinder semi-circular block used in the pendulum shearing machine is difficult to lubricate and difficult to repair, and the upper and lower chambers of the gate shearing machine cylinder do not need additional lubrication, which greatly improves the service life.

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