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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Annealing Process Of Laser Cutting Machine
Dec , 24 2019
When choosing laser cutting, we must appropriately adjust the configuration of the laser cutting machine. While changing the good laser, we must also pay attention to the choice of the machine tool. A good machine tool plays an important role in cutting accuracy and stability. Therefore, the manufacturing process of the machine tool occupies an important position in the entire assembly of the laser cutting machine.
In order to increase the stability of the laser cutting machine, manufacturers generally use steel structures to cast the entire bed, and also need an annealing process for processing.
Explanation of annealing process terms:
The so-called annealing process is to heat the steel to a phase change or part, and then slowly cool it, which is called reverse. A heat treatment method in which the temperature at the phase change is slowly cooled after the heat preservation.
Purpose of the rebound process:
The ultimate goal is to reduce tissue defects, improve the organization to homogenize components and refine particle size, increase the mechanical properties of steel, reduce residual stress; at the same time, reduce hardness, increase the plasticity and performance of laser cutting machine tools, and improve cutting Processing performance. Therefore, in order to reduce the tissue defects and internal stress caused by the previous processing, it is also prepared for the subsequent processing.

Reverse process is one of the alternative processes added by laser cutting machine tools, which can increase its own physical properties and enable laser cutting machines to produce.

Annealing Process Of Laser Cutting Machine

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